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The Army Painter Magic Superglue Activator 20ml The Magic Superglue Activator will instantly bond model and miniature pieces – glued with Superglue. The Magic Activator will create an instant airtight b...
List Price: $10.99
Stock: 6
Army Painter 20gr Plastic Glue With the precision nozzle of this pot, it is very easy to apply ultra small dots of plastic glue without running and thus ruining the details on the miniature. The viscosi...
List Price: $12.00
Stock: 7
Army Painter 20gr Super Glue Everybody needs tough superglue for their metal miniatures. This quality Super Glue is manufactured in Europe and is exceptionally strong. Apply only a tiny amount to one of...
List Price: $12.00
Stock: 6
If you have never tried a Superglue Activator - you are in for the biggest pleasant surpirse in your Hobby career! Ever tried to sit for endless hours trying to glue to micro pieces of metal together, or t...
List Price: $12.50
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