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Crisis Events Booster
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White Wizard Games Star Realms Crisis Events Booster

Each Booster contaoins 12 Cards


Space is home to a multitude of epic events and cosmic phenomena. Even the mightiest of starships seem insignificant in the face of Supernovas, Black Holes and Comets.
Events are a new type of card for your Trade Deck. Each Event card has a potentially game changing effect as soon as the card enters the Trade Row. After it has its effect, it immediately gets replaced with the next card in the Trade Deck.
This pack contains 12 cards: 1 Black Hole, 1 Bombardment, 2 Comets, 1 Galactic Summit, 2 Quasar, 1 Supernova, 2 Trade Missions and 2 Warp Jumps.