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Adventurers Toolkit
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Perilous adventure awaits the heroes of the Empire. Many brave men, dwarfs, and elves accept their destiny and face the coming threats. Others have destiny thrust upon them. The Adventurers Toolkit lets players easily add more excitement and options to their Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game. The Adventurers Toolkit is also perfect for new players in your campaign. Inside you will find more than 50 action cards, 30 talent cards, 10 new careers, 4 new party sheets, a pad of character sheets, new character standups, extra tokens to help manage your heroes, and much more! The Adventurers Toolkit provides a host of resources, additional cards and components to expand and enhance your Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay experience. The Adventurers Toolkit lets you face your grim and perilous adventures with more options than ever before!