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vol 9 (DFR)
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In one decisive strike, the terrorists have the agents in the Detention Centre dropping like flies in a pool of their own blood. The Great Leader, Shimon Kamishima, is finally free, and Bloody-X looks set to engulf the town and cause another bloodbath? THIRD-i's new manager is livid, and Kirishima is bearing the brunt of his rage. But Fujimaru has no time for the petty politics of the upper echelons. With Hide's death still fresh in his mind, he is now in another race to save Anzai's life. The only supply of anti-viral left is in the hands of the enemy, and Fujimaru is prepared to risk meeting 'J' alone once again to make an exchange. What he's not prepared for, however, is J's off-the-record counter-proposal, and his sly hint at an even more sinister meaning to 'Bloody Monday'...