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Warthog Box
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Spartan Games & Halo Ground Command UNSC Warthog Box ref#SPG-HGUN02

The UNSC Warthog Box contains 2 highly-detailed multi-part Warthog models, each with options for Chaingun, Gauss Cannon and Rocket Launcher turrets.
The iconic Warthog is one of the most well-known vehicles in the Halo Universe and in a game of Halo: Ground Command, it is one of the most tactically capable UNSC Units available to a player.
The ability to field their Warthogs with a choice of three different weapon systems provides UNSC players with highly flexible force buildings options, meaning no enemy Unit is safe!
The Warthog has the presence of a small tank on the tabletop, and with its modularity this box comes with an array of components: 2 Warthog chassis, 2 UNSC Riflemen drivers, 2 Gauss Cannons, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Chainguns and 6 UNSC Riflemen Gunners for the different weapons. Also included is an assembly guide and 3 statistic cards, one for each of the three weapon options.