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Punic-Class Supercarrier
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Spartan Games Halo Fleet Battles UNSC - Punic-Class Supercarrier

The Punic and its sister ships were the first of a new breed of warships drafted to fight a new style of colonial war in the waning years of the 25th century. Officially designated Space Control Vehicles, these massive carriers could transport and sustain entire Colonial Military Authority (CMA) expeditionary and interdiction campaigns in the remote Outer Colonies for months at a time, crushing dissent and terrorism before it could fester and spread. At least, that was the intent before Covenant fleets threatened humanity with extinction.

Punic-class supercarriers have served the UNSC well in numerous campaigns and holding actions during the Covenant War, including the heroic last stand above Estuary and as base stations for the decisive counterinsurgency and evacuation operations on Charybdis IX. Unfortunately, the destruction of each supercarrier also means an irreplaceable loss of elite crews and materiel that slowly erodes the UNSC Navy’s overall effectiveness. By 2552 only a handful of Punics’ remain spaceworthy, including the Trafalgar, pride of Reach’s defense fleet.

  • 1 resin Supercarrier
  • 1 Medium/Small Sprue
  • 1 custom Formation Base
  • 1 Formation Sprue
  • 4 UNSC Token Sheets
  • 1 bag of 10 Halo Dice
  • 2 Statistics Sheets
  • A5 Formation Overlay Sheets