Games Workshop

Games Workshop has 2 parts to their model Range

Retail Core Range (what you can get in the GW & 3rd party shops, which we will always try to keep in stock) these are marked by GWBS1 & #2 Core Range GWBS2, #3 Core Range GWCER on the discription. We also keep in stock an extra range over and above what GW require GWX.

Direct Range (GW Web store and is marked with an arrow in a red circle in the photo's on the GW web site)
note: we can special orders these (Conditions Apply)

Note: (DFR) next to the item name will mean it has been Removed from the GW Store Range but we still have in stock (see stock levels) it also could still be part of the Fine Cast & Hobby Shop Range (GW Web Store Range).

Note: For any GW & GST price rises etc we will hold our prices for items in stock until sold & replaced......


For item not in stock as shown by item count we will specail order these in for you (just order as normal).... we do try and keep the prices up to date but sometimes the price rises are out of our control for non stocked and out of stock items.

We also support our local Table Top Gaming Clubs with prize support for Tournaments and Member discounts.

MMC: The Mount Maunganui Cadets Warhammer 40K club and T3GC: Tauranga Table Top Gaming Club and Vegas Snake Eyes, Rotorua’s War Gaming club

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