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Equipped with the latest XV25 Stealth Armour these troops are the 'lone wolves' of the Tau army, operating independently of other formations. This boxed set contains 3 multi-part plastic XV25 Stealth Su...
List Price: $44.00
Stock: 1
Release Date 6th April 2013 Designed to offer long-range support, the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit has exceeded expectations, becoming a mainstay of the Hunter Cadres and tank-killers of legendary proporti...
List Price: $87.00
No stock - Back order
Release Date 6th April 2013 Fireblades are the most grizzled and seasoned Fire Warriors of their cadre, whose skill at the Fire Warrior's art leads them to eschew battlesuit technology. They are excelle...
List Price: $26.00
Stock: 1
Games Workshop 56-18 Tau Empire KV128 Stormsurge Release Date 10th October 2015 An absolute colossus of a machine, piloted by graduates of the Ves’oni’Vash, the KV128 Stormsurge is designed as an extrem...
List Price: $295.00
Stock: 1
The Piranha is a lightly armoured vehicle used by the Tau in a range of capacities, including rapid response, support of pathfinder teams and even as battlefield transport for high-ranking dignitaries. By ...
List Price: $48.00
Stock: 1
Games Workshop 56-18 Tau Empire XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit Release Date 17th October 2015 A huge, deadly and nigh-undetectable weapon of impressive killing capacity, the XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit is a fo...
List Price: $150.00
Stock: 1
The Sky Ray is a variant of the more common Hammerhead gunship, and provides a dedicated missile platform that is used by the Fire caste to provide point attack fire support for Fire Warrior teams, who lac...
List Price: $97.50
Stock: 1
Games Workshop 56-22 Tau Empire Commander Release Date 31st October 2015 Swift and deadly, Tau Commanders pilot battlesuits of intimidating size and power. Of course, simply piloting a huge battlesuit d...
List Price: $100.00
Stock: 1
Games Workshop 56-23 Tau Empire Drones Release Date 31st October 2015 Darting through even the most hostile environments with ease, Tau Drones are guided by a networked AI of impressive capabilities. Da...
List Price: $24.00
No stock - Back order
Games Workshop 56-25 Tau Empire Coalition Command Release Date 27th February 2016 Little is known of the Tau Ethereal caste, appearing as shrouded, enigmatic figures that eschew the advanced equipment f...
List Price: $125.00
No stock - Back order
Games Workshop Tau 56-40 XV8 Battlesuit Commander A Commander, or in the language of the Tau, a ‘shas’o’, is the highest rank a Fire Warriors can obtain. It is a position of great honour. Tau Commanders...
List Price: $53.00
No stock - Back order
Games Workshop DC1-60 Tau Infiltration Cadre Burning Dawn Release Date 24th October 2015 A deadly hunt is unfolding in the ash-choked ruins of Prefectia - as the Tau Empire invasion gathers steam, a han...
List Price: $215.00
Stock: 1
Release Date 6th April 2013 There is no figure in Tau history as divisive as Commander O'Shovah. The most famous warrior of Vior'la, Farsight's greatest victories were against the Orks on the oxide-dess...
List Price: $64.00
No stock - Back order
Release Date 6th April 2013 Master Gunship pilot Shas'la T'au Sha'ng, now better known as Longstrike, has quickly become the Fire caste's most heralded tank ace. Since his first training session, he exh...
List Price: $31.00
Stock: 1
Release Date 11th Jan 2014 The Tyranids are the ultimate predators of the galaxy. They descend upon planets intent on devouring them and using all available biomass to further their own goals. Their arm...
Save: 20%
Sale Price: $252.00
List Price: $315.00
No stock - Back order
Release Date 11th Jan 2014 Tyranid Warriors are the most adaptable of all the Hive Mind’s bioforms. They are efficient killing machines with the ability to employ a wide variety of bio-weapon symbiotes....
List Price: $80.00
No stock - Back order
Genestealers are legendarily ferocious close combat opponents, with lightning fast reflexes and deadly claws, capable of ripping through adamantium. They have their own brood telepathy enabling them to fun...
List Price: $57.00
Stock: 1
Release Date 11th Jan 2014 Hive Guard are heavily armoured gun-beasts bound to extremely powerful symbiotic bio-weapons. They are created to guard the Tyranid Hive Ships and capillary towers that stand ...
List Price: $105.00
No stock - Back order
Commanders of the Tyranid swarm, Hive Tyrants are the enactors of the Hive Mind's will. Massively powerful creatures, these hulking monsters stand three times the height of a man. Every part of a Hive Tyra...
List Price: $105.00
No stock - Back order
The Tyrannofex has the armour and fortitude of a living battle fortress and its weaponry eclipses that of its foes' most powerful battle tanks in both quantity and devastating potential. Worse, its body ho...
List Price: $113.00
Stock: 1
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