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#306 April 2013
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Wargames Illustrated Issue 306

The upcoming issue of Wargames Illustrated contains the following content:

THIRD TOUR Battlefront games designer Phil Yates talks us through Tour Of Duty’s “escalation” from a Flames Of War side project to a fully-fledged game and a core part of Battlefront’s range.

GOING UP COUNTRY For many of the Battlefront Studio team the “Third Tour” (as they have been calling it) of Flames Of War: Vietnam has really taken root, and several of the guys have been getting excited about fielding their first Vietnam armies. In this article Mike, Kyran, Wayne and Casey discuss what has got them hooked on Tour Of Duty.

ROLLING THUNDER A look at some of the armoured vehicles and helicopters you can expect to find on the battlefields of Vietnam, as featured in the new Tour Of Duty rules.

MARTINIQUE, 1809 - THE BATTLE We return to the Caribbean and present a photographic walk through of our game which pits a French Napoleonic invasion force against the British garrison on the island.